vegan cohousing
From: Thomas Alexander (
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 16:54:45 -0600
Hi Pam,
        The topic of "additions to" or "limits on" cohousing has been
discussed in great lenth on Cohousing-L before.  I read all about it in the
subject structured archives. (You should be able to find it from -- perhaps it's
 That is much of what you are bringing up - so perhaps it would be useful
to check out what has been said on this before.
        Specific to your situation, what about children who grow up and
decide they want to eat hot dogs or ice cream?  What about singles who
marry meat-eaters?
        Actually, your suggestion reminds me of something a law student
friend of mine heard in a property law class -- some case involving
covenanted property which included a clause something like "this property
shall remain the property of Joe Blow and his assigns provided alchohol is
not consumed on the premesis.  If alchohol is consumed on the premesis,
ownership shall revert to Jane Doe or her legal heirs."  That could cause
some interesting problems in 75 years.
        This seems a bit of an invasion of privacy - if it is extended into
the private spaces.  However, if there is interest in having "vegan only"
meals in the common house, and your community caters to vegans, that might
be more workable.


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