RE: Agency Funding: Commonhouse funding
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 00:25:14 -0600
Vashon cohousing received several hundred thousand dollars in grants from a 
low income housing partnership. However, this was specially for funding low 
income families in their project.

At Sharingwood, we used members work to built much of our commonhouse, 
reducing its costs by at least 1/3. One idea we looked at, was to build our 
commonhouse in stages, so the first stage would be eating/meeting room with a 
bathroom, then add a kitchen later, a kids space, etc. as the years went by. 
We did not do this because we were able to raise the funds from within the 
membership to build the whole thing at once, by using loans from members. Our 
commonhouse is 2200 square feet and cost us around $120,000 to build.
We could have done it cheaper, but we went with an expensive truss roof 

Rob Sandelin
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