From: Thomas Alexander (
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 18:26:39 -0600
Quoting Rhys Howitt:
> We'll be doing our subdivision under Community Title, which in New South 
Wales (Australia) means you own your house lot and have a share in the
common land, not so different from an American condo as I understand it,<
        Well, all these things (condo, co-op, PUD, etc) all seem "not so
different" from each other to me.  FWIW, in a condo, you typically don't
own a full share in the land your unit sits on.  Often it's described as
"owning the [interior] paint in" and the rest in common.

>> BUT it is still incredibly detailed and
proscriptive and negative in its approach.<<
        The bylaws and other documents for my [conventional] condo are at
least half a ream thick.  The "rules and regulations" however, will fit on
two sides of two sheets of paper.   It's basic stuff like:
        clean up your dog's messes.
        no disturbing noises or smells shall eminate from your unit.
        keep your unit clean and in good repair and put trash in trash
        toilets and water heaters may not leak water into other units
        don't leave things on the sidewalk.
        drive safely and don't speed.
        park in your own spot.

        How's that for the top seven rules?  I pared it down from 27.


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