Commonweal Update
From: Christina Hilliard-LCH005 (
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 08:08:43 -0600
Hello friends, visitors, Bostonians, list-readers,
Happy New Year to all.  Here's an update on Commonweal Village at Grafton, 
Massachusetts, from the perspective of one member (all opinions my own 
interpretation of events and information!) 

Our rather rigorous and exciting series of design workshops resulted in a 
terrific (we think!) set of home footprints; the layouts range from a 
one-bedroom flat (2 units per building), to a 4-bedroom house; with multiple 

layout options for some sizes.  The builder is generating cost estimates.

We plan to program the common house functions in the next few months; this 
will lead to a set of requirements for our architect (he's not just a member,

 though he plays one on TV).  We're looking forward to allocating space for 
a kitchen, a dining room, a central mail facility, a children's room, a 
library, a gym, a laundry, a workshop, a craft room, an art studio, shared 
SOHO office space, and  much more.  Will it all fit?!? 

We're gratified by a steady stream of interested visitors and new members, 
although we wish the stream would become a flood, so we can get to our 
break-ground threshold!   

We've refined and expanded our marketing and advertising strategies, our 
INFO presentation content and locale, and our Info Packets; all in an effort 

to better reach our target "niche" and respond to valuable feedback (much of 

it from subscribers to Cohousing-L--thanks!)

We've recently held various community-building events, including trips to 
Massachusetts cohousing communities and the Grant Wood show at the Worcester 

Art Museum, and Circle Suppers of 3-4 households.

Upcoming INFO presentations and general meetings are as follows. 
Please join us:

SUNDAY, JANUARY 12, 1997----------
+ INFO presentation: 1:30 PM at Congregational Church, 30 Grafton Green
  About one hour, followed by a site walk (short drive to the site).

+ General (business) meeting: 4:00 PM, visitors welcome, same building.
  Child care available by reservation 617-923-1300.

+ Potluck: 6:00 PM, visitors welcome, members bring food, same place.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1997-----------
+ Same line-up, same times, same place: 
  INFO, site walk, general meeting, potluck.

We're in the process of expanding our website, and we have a new URL:

Please visit, early and often, as we post current information more 
frequently. We'll be installing a pointer from the website 
very shortly.

OR send email (LCH005 [at]; I'll route your message to the 
appropriate person.  

OR call the Cohousing Center (617-923-1300) for live chat, the old-fashioned 


Best to all in the new year,
Christina Hilliard

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