Workshop Organization
From: Karen Smith (
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 10:20:17 -0600
Hi there cohousing world; this is my first message to the list! The workshop 
committee of the
first neighborhood of the ecovillage at Ithaca is working on how to organize 
the day-to-day
functioning of our workshop. Would people from communities with workshops that 
have been
up & running for a while please send information about how you organize this: 
structure, operational procedures, advice, tips, what works, what didn't work? 
I'm particularly
looking for practical, proven-by-experience info. Not equipment lists, but how 
use is
organized, & how costs are covered. FYI I've read the exchange back from '94 in 
the web
archive; & I'd be happy to cover any postage costs, etc.

Karen Smith, EVCC (EcoVillage Cohousing Corp), 127 Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca, 
NY 14850
*Where the burned-out foundations have been floored-over already, and my 
move-in date is finally getting close (1/15)!!

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