Re: Unsucessful coho groups/INTRO
From: Chuck Tedesco (ctedescoSRA1.COM)
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 23:24:30 -0600
It seems to me that there are differing challenges in urban settings 
with existing housing than more rural/building from the ground up.  I 
think one starts with small steps--renting, covenants, gradually adding
the amounts of shared responsibilities, etc.  As that evolves, there may
be an opportunity to buy as a group. That being said, let me reiterate--
I am new and learning.
I do not need a shared ideology except as it concerns openness to the 
will of the group and following covenants, then holding up my end of the 
Which gets me to the intro: I am new to the list and have a deep 
interest in joining in (or helping to form) community in San Diego 
County, CA. The end goal is the creation of a rural, organic, simple
retreat setting/community where people can go to learn how to truly 
relax and reconnect with themselves.  My intent is to find out what is 
working and learn more about the challenges of community.  
Professionally, I am an independen Holistic Smoking Cessation Counselor.
Question: Do you use the term cohousing to mean the same thing as 
communual living or "being in community"?
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