Re: People who leave cohousing
From: Ann Barbarow (
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 14:08:56 -0600
My observations on why people have left Muir Commons (other than the obvious
of getting jobs across the country):

1. One member of a couple really didn't like the cohousing experience. (It
has been my observation that it is often the woman of a couple that is less
than thrilled than the man. Somehow this doesn't fit the stereotype - have
others see this?)

2. Families with growing kids find their homes too small.

3. Busy people don't like the structure of work requirements or feel that
the work is a bigger comittment than they want.

4. Kids issues too numerous (and sensitive) to mention.

Personally, I think that most excuses could be worked out if people really
wanted the cohousing experience. Not to imply any criticism of people who
don't want the coho experience - it is not for everyone, although I think we
could all lighten up and make it a positive experience for a broader range
of people.

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