RMCA's Cohousing video tape
From: Fred H. Olson (fholsonmaroon.tc.umn.edu)
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 00:24:50 -0600
You've probably seen the ads for the Rocky Mountain Cohousing 
Association (RMCA) 's Cohousing video tape in the Cohousing Magazine. 
In case you have not I'll quote one below before commenting.

The Video for your next cohousing orientation!

Cohousings -- Neighborhoods for People   by Paiss Productions

This 22 minute professionally produced video clearly explains the 
Cohousing concept, its Danish roots, and why it is appealing to those 
who live there.  Full of interviews with cohousing residents and 
images of daily life in many US communities.  It is the perfect 
introduction for orientations, giving to friends, parents, government 
officials, and lending institutions. It should be part of every 
communities library.

$40.00 plus $4 s&h  RMCA 1705 14th Street #160 Boulder, CO 80302

This tape was previewed (in near complete form) at the 1995 national 
convention in Boulder but somehow none of the three of us from 
Minneapolis who went got around to looking at it.  And so far no one 
(that I know of) here has gotten a copy.  I guess the $40 for a 22 
minute tape has seemed a bit steep (tho RMCA is a worthy group of 
course).  Also our out reach efforts (and our Umbrella group in 
general) have been at a low ebb in the last year or two.

Now that we are gearing up to recruit for Homewood Cohousing **
I'm thinking of sending off for the tape but decided to solicit 
reviews here.  I presume it covers only new construction cohousing. 
I also wonder if it covers the special challenges of cohousing in very 
urban settings.

Zev Paiss who was the prime mover behind the tape is a subscriber here.
Zev, care to comment on the tape?  I'd be particularly interested in 
comments from others too.

** Homewood Cohousing:


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