Re: Bill of Rights/Social Codes/general admonishments
From: Mmariner (
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 15:04:33 -0600
Rob Sandelin wrote:

>Yes!  Remember to give your selves space to learn!  Everything you do as a 
>group has some kernel in it of how to do again, better next time. So don't
>afraid to try out stuff, examine it, then throw out what doesn't work, and
>yet new ideas. Live the life examined, and pay attention to your mistakes, 
>they are some of your best opportunities for getting better.

Adding onto Rob's good general admonishments, I offer the four steps (from
our Earthsong dance group) for successfully participating in any group

1)  (East)    Show up.  
2)  (South)  Pay attention to what has heart and meaning for you.
3)  (West)   Tell the truth without shame or blame.
4)  (North)   Be open to outcome not attached to outcome.

Mike Mariner
Nyland Cohousing 
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