Need help on phone/LAN cable spec
From: Rich Lobdill (
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 16:08:00 -0600
Greetings from Oceano, CA

I'm working up a proposal to the group which proposes that we wire the
houses such that each house can connect their computer (if they own one) to
an NT server in the common house which will then have a hardwire (non-modem)
connection to the internet. I would envison that we might also have one or
more community computers available for those who would like to use a
computer but don't have (or want) one in their home.

Bypassing for now the philosophical arguements about society and technology,
I am looking for help locating some info I thought was in the Coho-L
archives but I can't now find.

Specifically, I belive there is a type of standard home phone cabling which
is built to carry both phone lines and LAN lines (I think it would be
twisted pair for 10BaseT connections). It would make it very simple to spec
this cable for the homes instead of standard three line phone cable.

Does this jog anyone's memory?

Thanks in advance.

Rich Lobdill
Tierra Neuva Cohousing
(Developed by the Grell Cohousing Group)
Oceano, CA

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