CoHo Video
From: Zpaiss (
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 18:32:45 -0600
Dear Fred,

The CoHousing video I produced was created as a general overview tape showing
scenes from, about a dozen completed communities including Nyland, Highline
Crossing, Davis, Winslow, Doyle St.,  Pioneer Valley, Pine Street, Santa Fe,
and a few others.  It also includes interviews from a handful of residents
from various communities describing why they chose cohousing and how they
like living in it.

The price tag of $40 was required because of the limited market compared to
most tapes and the fact that the $6000 price tag came directly out of my
pocket.  I have sold about 70 tapes so far so I still haven't paid all my

I have heard many comments from groups that the viseo has been very helpful.

I am curious to read any reviews from list members.

Take care and Happy 1997!!!

Zev Paiss
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