urban cohousing slide show
From: David Mandel (dlmandelrcip.com)
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 01:04:43 -0600
I periodically put this out on the list for new subscribers, with the
recent comments noting that the RMCA video may be an excellent introduction
but lacks any specifics about urban cohousing, it seems like a good time to
do so again.

In addition, I have had an offer to help transfer the slides to a digital
format that could then go on the cohousing web site. I don't know when or
even whether that will happen, or if it does, how it would look and how the
text could be integrated with the photos. But if you think it would be
useful to you, let me know and that might give me more incentive to do it.

It's also been suggested numerous times that the slides be transferred to
video, perhaps with a voice reading the text. I've hesitated, for reasons
described below. But again, let me know if you would really prefer having
it as a videotape (my guess is it would be about 40 minutes) and I'll
consider it. I don't know how expensive the process would be.


These introductory comments completed, here's the announcement I last
posted here a couple of months ago:


Thinking about or planning a cohousing community in an urban infill
location, particularly in a low-income neighborhood? Your group could
benefit from seeing a slide show about Southside Park Cohousing, 25
households on 1.3 acres in downtown Sacramento, completed in 1993.

The show, newly updated as of November 1996, includes 100 slides and a
10-page descriptive narrative. While it includes many views of the project,
inside and out, it is NOT meant to be a general introduction to cohousing;
rather, it focuses on design, social and economic issues involved in
creating a mixed-income project in a very low-income, diverse urban

The production has deliberately NOT been transferred to video. This enables
you to make it an entire evening program or to cull out some of the slides
for a shorter presentation or part of a larger one -- or to use it in
various formats while you have it.

The production is not a commercial venture. I am not selling copies, though
groups are welcome to duplicate any of the slides while they have a
borrowed set. I ask only that you 1) consult with me about the dates you'll
want to have a set of the slides; 2) mail them back to me promptly as
agreed (or if requested, send them directly to the next destination); and
3) make a modest donation to help me recoup the costs of making,
duplicating and mailing the slides. Most groups so far have donated $10 to
$30. depending on financial condition.

Earlier versions of the slide show have been used by about 20 groups, and
the comments I've received back from them has been extremely positive. If
you wish, I can put you in touch with a group similar to yours that has
used the slides.

To inquire or schedule the slides for your group, e-mail or call me at
home, (916) 446-5066. Best time is late evening -- though remember, this is
California. I'm in and out on most weekends. If you say it's about
borrowing the slide show, I will return your call.

David Mandel

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