Variable Rates for lots
From: Carrie Burmaster (
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 09:07:05 -0600
Hello again folks:  Many thanks for your input thusfar concerning
consensus and voting.  Keep those cards and letters coming!  I have
another question to put to the group concerning pricing of lots in the
community.  Have any of you used any criteria other than "desirability" of
lot selection to differentially price lots?  Have any of you established a
sliding scale to purchase lots, based on ability to pay?  (This question
assumes that the price of lots and the price of home on the lot are two
separate issues).  At Liberty Village we are currently working with a
model where each household pays the same amount for a lot, but the cost of
the house they build will vary widely, based on size, amenities, etc.  We
recognize the difficulties involved in pricing lots according to
desirability and are wondering if there are any other models out there.
Thanks in advance!

Carrie Burmaster from Liberty Village

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