values/philosophy & beginnings
From: Chris Francovich (
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 10:58:55 -0600

We are (my wife and I) anticipating the development of a cohousing group
here in Boise Idaho. I have been thinking, however, about the seemingly
inevitable issue of popular culture's effects on the _actual_ behavior and
activity of people's ideals and values. My beliefs come from a deep well of
marxist and Buddhist principles. I want to continue to practice letting go
and giving up. How does this ethic work in other's experience? My wife and I
were debating the liklihood of finding interested people for whom IRA's and
stock portfolios were as much a part of their communal ideals as sharing and
conserving valuable resources. I am also reminded of G. Marx's statement (I
think I have it almost right) that - "I don't want to be a part of any club
that would have me as a member". By this I mean that there is a paradox of
sorts in wanting to achieve a sort of middle class ideal using old 60's (or
utopian) values. Any thoughts, comments or stories? Thanks in advance.

Chris Francovich

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