RE: Block Clubs - Evolving to Cohousing?
From: Russell Mawby (
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 16:12:53 -0600
Regarding lobbying of city government by community associations, part of the
issue is educating community associations to lobby for the appropriate
things (I am assuming that the point is to gain support for future retrofit

In other words, don't assume that lobbying means changing things.  Change
has consequences as well, and, in the political arena, can be much harder to
control.  What you need, as a CA, is to gain support for your vision of
community, and co-operation in finding ways to make it happen.  This, too,
needs to be a collaborative process, just as much as the collaboration
between households.

Specifically, they may not want to lobby for support for "cohousing" as a
type of development, as that would set in to motion a whole process re:
planning, zoning, etc. 

Instead, CA's should figure out what they would like to do in the way of
building in community owned amenties like shared ownership of property,
meeting places, places to share meals, shared laundry, daycare, and then
find out what needs to be changed in existing legislation to acheive those

For example, condominiums are understood to include common areas, including
common rooms, that probably have some form of kitchen facilities.  This is
much different that coming in and asking for a common house where 100 people
will be sharing meals, and yet, from a planning point of view, the resultant
space could be exactly the same.

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