Visit to Massachusetss
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 02:56:46 -0600
I'll be in the Boston area from 14th to the 22nd of Feburary, and would be
interested in attending meetings of any cohousing groups that may be open to
a visitor from California (Doyle St and Old Oakland CoHousing) during that
time. I must be nuts to spend my winter vacation going to cohousing
meetings, but I think one ought to do what one pleases on vacation, and
cohousing meetings please me. If any group in Massachusetts (yes, that
includes you guys in western MA--weather permitting--I don't know how to
drive in snow any more) would enjoy seeing a bunch of slides of Northern CA
cohousing communities (especially the urban projects), I'd be happy to bring
my pictures along and plan a time to show them to you. Please respond
directly to me, and not to the list

Joani Blank
jeblank [at]   or  call 510-655-7399

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