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From: Thomas Alexander (
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 18:27:16 -0600
Chris Francovich of Boise wrote:
>>By this I mean that there is a paradox of
sorts in wanting to achieve a sort of middle class ideal using old 60's (or
utopian) values. Any thoughts, comments or stories?<<

        This strikes a chord with me.  As "main stream" as cohousing seems
to be in the liturature, I really feel out of step with a lot of people I
am meeting at the local group (a few of whom are listening here, I'm sure)
- on issues such as vegetarianism, politics, family values, and diversity. 
(Several speak of "sexual diversity" - which I assume (with the wool pulled
firmly over my eyes) means that men AND women will live there.)
        People from the group say that approval will be easier if we can
show the town we are "ordinary folks."  Well, I suppose they aren't Branch
Davidians, but "ordinary folks" do not debate the morality of eating Kraft
cheese because it might contain a minute amount of sheep renet.  Neither do
they fret over their use of the automobile - the destroyer of pedestrian
towns - the way I do.

        Of course, most of the people in the group have a lot common with
"ordinary folks."  ;-)

Rochester, NY

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