Re: Refrigerator Size
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 03:32:26 -0600

Check the archive for an earlier thread on refrigerator size. Definitely, a
residential refrigerator is quite adequate. Remember that you will almost
always have in there no more than the food for one meal plus a few cold
staples (like salad dressings or margerine), and perhaps a few leftovers.
Here at Doyle St, we have a very small (15 cu. ft.) residential refrigerator
in our common house. and in 4 1/2 years we have never run out of space. Well
maybe just before our big T'giving dinner, but then there are twelve other
refrigerators just a few steps away, one in each unit for any overflow if it
only happens occaisionally. A refrigerator is also a power guzzler, so it
does not warm my heart to see any refrigerator sitting there icy cold with
practically nothing in it. Many of us have the same small fridges in our
houses. We have 18 adults and 5 kids here, and we serve between 8 and 20
people for common dinners, 13-16 is average.

Doyle St. and Old Oakland (where interest is picking up--even have a few
out-of-towners making inquiries)

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