Re: Common House Refridgerators
From: Ann Barbarow (
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 10:38:41 -0600
At Muir Commons we went pretty much all commercial on kitchen appliances for
the Common House, and while I won't join the fray on refridgerators (our
commercial sized one is in the pantry, so the nominal noise isn't a
problem), but I will say, I wouldn't trade our commercial dishwasher for any
residential dishwasher. Ours cleans tons of dishes in about 3 minutes and
takes things of just about any size. Noise doesn't seem to be a problem, for
the short time it is running there is the activity of other kitchen clean-up
going on so it just blends in with the general hustle-bustle. Our stove was
given to us by a restaurant that was moving, but the oven proved to be
inadequate and unreliable, so we put in a residential sized double oven.

At 11:25 PM 1/15/97 -0600, David Mandel wrote:
>By the way, we also went the same route for cook stoves (two regular
>residential ones, side by side, which gives us eight burners, a griddle and
>two ovens) and a home-style dishwasher, though we paid a bit extra for a
>quiet one. There are gripes about both -- big pots don't fit on the stove
>very well and the dishwasher takes a long time. But I'm still not convinced
>that the massive extra expense of fancy commercial stuff would have been so
>much better. Especially those super-fast dishwashers. They're very noisy.
>David Mandel, Southside Park, Sacramento

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