Common House Capital cost
From: Tom Lent (
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 02:52:08 -0600
Our theory was to add an equal share of the common costs (such as we could
derive them) to each unit. After all, each unit does own an undivided share
of the common facilities and has equal access to them regardless of unit
size, household size, etc. Reality is a bit more complicated. There was no
way to tease out the "cost" of the common house since we bought a property
with existing buildings, one of which is the common house, and added other
living uints to it. We are splitting all costs of development by square
footage - the square footage of the actual living unit, plus an equal share
of the square footage of the common house. Then some adders and credits get
thrown in to account for other non-square footage related benefits or
downers, such as proximity to the (noisy) street. If you really want to see
our crazy detailed formula, ask.

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(most roofs and windows are in) and we plan to all be all moved by late spring.
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