CoHousing "Personals"
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 17:17:01 -0600
A while back there was a string of postings relating to being single and
living in cohousing. I detected behind that interchange a hint of desire for
connection with other singles interested in cohousing that would go beyond
simply talking about the joys and dissatisfactions of living single in
cohousing. Perhaps some single cohousers (or cohouser wannabes) would like
to let others in the coho-l communitiy know that they are available as
potential email pen-pals, activity or interest partners, ersatz extended
family,  friends, lovers, spouses, whatever. 

I acknowledge that this may be a shameless projection of my own desires and
of no interest to others, but I've decided to float a proposal here and see
what happens anyway. SO, here's the proposal:

If any of you wishes to submit a "personals ad" TO ME ONLY at <jeblank@>, I will compile the "ads" I receive into one email letter and
send it back to everyone who sends me an "ad." Then, every once in a while,
I will announce on coho-l that I am in possession of this list, and offer to
send it to any individual on the list who wants it. I do request that your
ad indicate your gender, the gender(s) of the person or persons you'd like
to connect with (if that is important to you), and the part of the
country/world you reside in. Otherwise, say what you want, but please don't
take too much space. Let's try to limit it to 175 words which is about the
length of this paragraph. Whether or not you submit an "ad," if you want to
react to this idea in any way, please address that reaction to me personally
at <jeblank@>, sending a copy to coho-l only if you think others
might want in on the discussion. 

(Yente) Joani 

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