BrkThru Notif Plz ? ($$?)
From: Paul Golovin (
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 22:13:11 -0600
Are there any folks out there who are interested in 
being "paying-lurkers/highlight-summary-only" ?

I would pay $5.00/year, maybe more, to be notified
of breakthroughs in CoHousing such as for example:

  ** Someone invents an Electronic Government which
     is attractive enough for people to actually use.

  ** Another "Garrett Hardin" comes along.  If you haven't
     read his stuff, I recommend just about anything, with
     "Stalking the Wild Taboo" my personal favorite. What
     will we do for enlightenment after he passes on someday ?

  ** Book Recommendations of the Cohousing Listserver - 1997 Summary
     ( With a member-vote summary - how many like each book,
       or don't like it, or never even skimmed it. )

I'm really serious, to the extent that $5.00/year is serious.

Maybe this is a breakthrough in listserver architecture.  One
duty of free-membership might be to sort the posts into order of
cosmic significance.  I'm drowning in information and so I'm
going to unsubscribe whether this idea catches on or not -
why shouldn't the listserver make a living as a "filter" ?

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