Clarity & Resolution
From: MollyW (
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 14:54:14 -0600
In Cambridge Cohousing we have established a committee to support individuals
and groups in seeking clarity and in resolving conflicts and issues - The
Clarity and Resolution Committee. We have had a steady stream of business and
are striving to protect the confidentiality of individuals and at the same time
to be responsible to the larger community. We are feeling our way person by
person and problem by problem. It is not a meeting open to the whole community
nor are our agendas publicized. We would like to hear from other cohousing
groups about how you do this in your community and if you keep any written
records ( we have not, to date) and if you report back to the larger community
specifically or not (we have not, to date.)
Thank you in advance,
Molly Lynn Watt

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