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Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 00:22:35 -0600
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<< As I understand Fair
Housing law you can't discriminate on the basis of family status, and that
would go for whether a family had kids or not.  So when you prepare ads, for
example, are you careful not to discrimate by not saying things like "3 units
available for families with children"?>>

Wellll, the way we understand it, right now we are accepting partners into
our LLC which we believe we have some control over.  Once the houses are
built and for sale, then yes, that law applies.  We have not turned anyone
down and don't expect to, but we do have large houses suitable for families
available and are expressing our desire to have a few more children in the
community.  (Right now have only 3 or 4 kids for 14 households and we
oldsters, not to mention the parents, would like a few more)

Marty at Jewell Hill
Where we just turned in all of our drawings (elevations, site plan,
landscape, etc) for review for our upcoming planning commission hearing!!
 Hard to believe we're this far along sometimes!!

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