Rules about Amateurs on the list
From: Thomas Alexander (
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 08:32:00 -0600
I want to clarify the following which I said on the cohousing list.  Based
on some responses I received in email, I think some have misunderstood.

I'd said:
<<       I think there should be a rule against amateur anthropology on the
list.  It's so hard not to respond to a quote like that.>>

One person replied:
>>No amateurs allowed??  Sortof the anti-Olympic ethic, eh?  So, it's not
ok to 
state one's opinion unless you're paid for it...hmmmm
I'll send you a bill for this post  :)      <<

Another person replied:
>>Umm, how 'bout a rule against *rules* like that?<<

        If anybody thinks I was suggesting there REALLY should be a rule on
the list, I'm sorry not to have been more clear.  Maybe I'm missing the
joke.  (The first reply clearly is a joke.)  Maybe others missed my joke. 
I was suggesting there should be a rule to keep *ME* from filling the list
with discussions on topics other than cohousing.  I could really talk all
day about some tangents which are brought up if I thought anybody was
interested.  A rule to prevent what I was doing just then.  Ha ha ha. 
Ironic, eh.  That's funny, get it?  Uh, oh well, I guess you had to be

Rochester, NY
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