existing work systems?
From: joe nolan (jnolanAdobe.COM)
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 17:51:01 -0600
Hi all,
  I'm researching possible work-system approaches for our group. Can those
with some real world experience please describe the approaches used in
their community (in some detail - "voluntary" is too ambiguous). I've
perused the coho-l archives, and found several morsels, but not enough. I
noticed that someone tried to start this thread about a year ago.

  In particular, we're interested in:
     - team-based approaches; 
     - sign-up sheets;
     - long-term positions (e.g. accounting);
     - paid positions;
     - work days;
     - local currency systems;
     - effect of different systems on morale;
     - utility of keeping records;

Mucho thanks in advance.

Joe Nolan      
EcoVillage CoHousing Cooperative
Ithaca, NY
22/30 households moved in!

joe nolan / Acrobat Capture Engineering
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