RE: questions about reselling homes in cohousing
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 12:27:20 -0600
Our experience at Sharingwood is that houses tend to change hands within the 
group first because they are the ones who hear about it first.  When you sell 
a home, you can let whatever network you create know about it first and then 
see who responds. For instance all of our 4 homes that have come up for sale 
were first announced to the membership, the immediate circle of friends, and 
our mailing list.  This resulted in two of the homes selling before they were 
ever marketed anywhere else.

Another home is currently for sale and because it is overpriced it has not 
been bought by anyone in the loop and the owners are trying to market it 
themselves now to outside. (Note: The price on this home will probably drop by 
30-40K in another month, which will make it more attractive)

There is another home that will come up for sale in another 5-6 months and 
people in the list of friends are already inquiring about it, even though it 
is not officially for sale, and the sale date is dependent on the owner 
finishing his new home. I suspect this home will sell long before it is 
actually closed on, its a very nice place with seller financing.

So my advice is to not loose track of the folks who are interested, invite 
them to dinners or parties regularly, maybe create a little newsletter to keep 
them connected.  You WILL have homes for sale and having that list is very 

Rob Sandelin

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