California Cohousing Visit?
From: Sarah Kerr (
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 03:07:36 -0600
Hello California Cohousers!

I am going to be in the Sacramento and San Francisco the week of February
8-15 and am very interested in visiting some Cohousing projects in these

I belong to a core group in Calgary, Alberta, where the concept of Cohousing
is quite new.  Our group has been meeting for almost 2 years, and we are
ready to buy land as soon as we find something suitable.  As there are no
Cohousing projects within 1500 miles of us, the prospect of actually seeing
one in action is inspiring.  I'm hoping to visit a few different types while
I'm in the area.

I am launching this general inquiry to ask both for contacts, and for hints
about visitor protocol (when is a good time to visit? how formal a process is
it? are people generally agreeable to chatting and having me take a few
photos? or are you sick of 'tourists' ?)  I will be staying with friends in
both cities and am mainly interested in seeing the site, hearing a bit about
your process, and maybe staying for a meal if it's possible.  I'd also be
happy to get involved in any work bees or other community projects that might
be happening during this time.  

 I do realize that this is a bit of last minute request, and will understand
if it is too late to organize anything.  If any list readers do have
suggestions about who to call or which projects would be open to visitors, I
would appreciate hearing from you... could you give a phone number as well as
email address?  I will be out of electronic 'touch' once I leave Calgary.

Sarah Kerr
(403) 283-0256
skerr [at]

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