Re: CoHousing Satelites & Pods
From: Michael Mariner (
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 10:27:54 -0600
Pamela Silver said

>Another home just 1/2 black away is owned by friends of one of our
>households, and wanted to join as much as we would allow them. We dedided we
>were too many people in too little space as it was (75 on 1 1/4 acres), and
>didn't want to expand that way.  We  decided that for  the next renters from
>across the street, also.

So, do these people get together on their own?  Or just attend functions 
of your group's?  Do they have any energy for trying to get other friends 
on their block or otherwise create a more cohesive neighborhood?

>While many of us feel it is a great idea, many of us also feel that we are
>stretched to the limit getting to know each other.

Is this the phase most other existing coho communities are in-- burned 
out, stretched or turned inward still learning to live the coho 
lifestyle?  I've only been at Nyland for a couple months and am not in 
"the inner circle" but most residents are very wary of committing to do 
much beyond what they are already doing on the various committees and in 
their own lives.  Many support more outreach but are clear that they 
don't have time/energy.

What other kinds of outreach do people do besides give interviews, tours 
and slide shows?

> We are very excited that another whole development is happening right down
>the street. 

Have you helped them in any substantive ways?  Advised?  Given them 

Yes, just by getting one site up and moved in it seems to form a model 
that other people want to emulate.  Here in E. Colorado, there's a second 
site being built in Boulder and in Ft. Collins.  Course, it helps to have 
a go-getter coho developer like Jim Leach in the area....

Does anybody have a contact person for "Imago" in Cincinatti where they 
created a cohesive community in a neighborhood?

Mike Mariner

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