Re: Satellites and Pods
From: Denise Cote' (
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 11:04:28 -0600
Due to site restrictions, Geneva is going to be so small (only 5 to 7 
households) that we had to seriously consider our viability as a 
community.  Just a short distance down the river there's a small 
intentional community under construction to partially occupied now.  
Ultimately there will be 9 houses.  Up the river, even closer, 6 parcels 
are being developed to be, as the owner/developer phrased it, community 
with a small c.  

Geneva hosted our future neighbors at a dinner, and it was a wonderful 
time.  We discovered like-minded friends, and realized that we are not 
going to be so much an isolated island as an oasis along a well-travelled 
path.  In the context of our larger neighborhood, Geneva is definitely 
viable and will have an important role to play in nurturing a sense of 
community and connectedness.  Geneva isn't spawning or sponsoring 
satellites (at least not yet), but we will be strengthening community 
clusters all around us.

Denise Cote'
Boulder, Colorado
denise [at]

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