RE: Cohousing actism in built groups
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 1997 08:29:22 -0600
Mike asked
Is this the phase most other existing coho communities are in-- burned 
out, stretched or turned inward still learning to live the coho 
lifestyle?  I've only been at Nyland for a couple months and am not in 
"the inner circle" but most residents are very wary of committing to do 
much beyond what they are already doing on the various committees and in  
their own lives.  Many support more outreach but are clear that they 
don't have time/energy.

I have noticed that within most groups  there is usually one, or maybe a 
couple of people who are willing to put any energy at all into the larger 
movement, come to gatherings, get involved in stuff.  This is true of my group 
as well, I am the only person who does any cohousing/ communities work outside 

What I see happening is that once a place is built you get DELUGED with people 
from all over, other groups, the press, tourists, etc. that demand your groups 
time for tours, etc.  Windsong just went, and is going through this now. You 
barely get moved in, and a bizillion people descend on you, asking you how you 
like it. Too much of this strains anybodies hospitality.

There is a small cohousing group here that is not on anybodies lists, and they 
have asked me not to advertise their phone number.  They just don't want to be 

Most folks in cohousing didn't sign up to be in any movement, they just want a 
better living scene, and while they are not opposed to the movement idea, it 
just aint their priority. Fortunately, most groups have at least 1 person who 
is willing to help others.
Rob Sandelin
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