Re: Cohousing activism in built groups
From: Michael Mariner (
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 1997 03:04:50 -0600
Rob sagely said:

>Most folks in cohousing didn't sign up to be in any movement, they just 
>want a  better living scene, and while they are not opposed to the movement 
idea, it 
>just aint their priority. Fortunately, most groups have at least 1 person  
>is willing to help others.

Yes, I've observed that most people just want to live their lives.  At 
Nyland I've spoken to several folks over dinner who are actually 
interested in "the movement" but who just don't have the energy for it -- 

So, other than this list and writing articles and giving tours, is there 
any way we can coordinate among the one person in each built coho group 
that *does* want to put out some effort?  My personal answer is writing 
my book, hopefully with input from other folks like Rob, once more of it 
is written.

But there are so many good things that could be done -- from lobbying 
zoning officials to influencing traditional developers to finding members 
for new coho groups.  There used to be the "burning souls" who met 
before/during the national gathering....

Mike M

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