Reselling homes in cohousing
From: Larry Israel (
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 14:30:24 -0600
Puget Ridge Cohousing in Seattle (a condo association) is currently
reviewing procedures for the resale of units, since we may have a house for
sale in the coming months.  Like Katie McCamant described in the current
issue of Cohousing magazine, we don't "select" or "approve" prospective
buyers, but we are interested in an education and orientation process for
them.  We're seeking comments from other cohousing groups on your
procedures and successes in unit resales.  For example:

What marketing strategies seem to work well?

What kind of information re: life in cohousing is presented to interested
people, and when? (Both written and verbal)

What is the responsibility of the seller and what is the responsibility of
the group?

What kind of orientation process takes place for serious prospective
buyers? How are group members involved?

How do you blend "orientation on cohousing" and "the real life and fast
timelines of real estate"? What are your "orientation requirements" (if

What kind of ongoing orientation/support system takes place once the sale
is final and the new household moves in?

Do you utilize any kind of "waiting list"?

Any other comments or experiences to share around unit sales?

If you have any sample marketing or orientation materials or procedures you
would be willing to send us, we'd appreciate it. Postal mail can be sent to:
        Kathleen Groshong
        7020 18th Ave. SW, #H18
        Seattle WA 98106

Thank you.

Kathleen Groshong
Puget Ridge Cohousing


I've posted this to Cohousing-L for Kathleen. Please address electronic
replies to me at <lisrael [at]> and I will pass them all along to
Kathleen. (Marci Malinowycz is also searching the archives.) Thanks.

Larry Israel
Puget Ridge Cohousing

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