A child's view of cohousing life?
From: Christina Hilliard-LCH005 (Christina_Hilliard-LCH005email.mot.com)
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 08:04:50 -0600
I am forwarding to the list an inquiry that I received from a student.  
Since my neighborhood hasn't yet been constructed, I thought some of you, 
or your children, could better describe cohousing life to Rachel.

Please respond directly to her address: herinckr [at] hsd.k12.or.us
since she isn't subscribed I believe. (I explained how she could.)
I hope you will also share your responses with the list!

Christina Hilliard

Commonweal Cohousing Village of Grafton, Massachusetts
(Another new Full member this week!)

Here is Rachel's message:
From: herinckr [at] hsd.k12.or.us@INTERNET on Wed, Feb 12, 1997 6:39 PM

I was wondering what it is like to live in a cohousing devolpement.  
I'm doing a project about cohousing for school.  I near Portland, Oregon 
and my name is Rachel.  It would really help to have someone tell me what
it's like living in a cohousing development and how it's different from
living in an apartment or your own home.
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