Talking to developers
From: Carleolady (
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 22:19:51 -0600
Hello again,

I posted a few days ago about finding a coho community for me and my son.
 Thanks for all your responses! I am exploring all possiblities.  Including
the following:
A coho group formed here (Monterey Peninsula, CA) a couple of years ago and
we were quickly discouraged.  Priciness, lack of land, lack of WATER, all not
very conducive to coho projects.  However, Fort Ord has been de-armied ;-)
 and is now in the planning stages of various projects.  One of which I read
about the other day:   

A developer from LA is planning a 350 house project and it sounds like it's a
done deal.  Any of you folks up in Santa Rosa (or elsewhere) have some advice
for us down here in talking to developers about including coho plans within
their projects?  Anything in print that might be appropriate to send to such
a guy?  Thanks for any advice!

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