Vegetarian Cohousing in Minnesota
From: Eric D. Hart (
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 1997 19:54:14 -0600
Here's some information on a vegetarian cohousing group that has gotten
started in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area of Minnesota.  You may recall
that Pam send out a message in December 1996 about wanting to form a vegan
cohousing group.  This update is a result of those initial contacts and we
now have about 8 interested people and more who haven't been able to attend
a meeting.  Contact me with questions or post them to the list, if applicable.

Eric Hart
Minneapolis, MN

MARCH 1997

A vegetarian co-housing community (Veg Co-Ho) is in the initial forming
stages.  The community is seeking to provide affordable urban (apartment
co-op) housing, vegan common dinners and a shared common space including
dining, kitchen, library, laundry, exercise area, workshop/tools and perhaps
a garden area. The group has just begun to form and wants to grow to at least
8 parties.  Usually, a co-housing group meets for at least a year to discuss
and plan, so this is not an immediate decision.   

The group, Veg Co-Ho, wants to determine if there are enough interested
people in the Twin Cities area to make it possible to buy an existing
apartment building (8 - 12 units) in Minneapolis or St. Paul.  The current
members of Veg Co-Ho have 'met' via e-mail and have held several planning


The Veg Co-Ho group wants to buy an existing apartment building to keep the
community very affordable and urban.
This will be an owner occupied community, so we can expect a realistic
downpayment for the building and monthly expenses less than, or similar to,
city rents.  Veg Co-Ho's vision is a co-housing community in a co-op
apartment setting.


 If you have email, please contact ppunky [at] or erichart [at] 
or call Eric Hart at (612) 722-3260

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