Fwd: "Unschooling" and Cohousing
From: KChrysos (KChrysosaol.com)
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 10:09:58 -0500
This message was sent to me, but Deb wanted it sent to the list.

-- Karen

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Subj:    Re: "Unschooling" and Cohousing
Date:    97-04-03 23:16:17 EDT
From:    Deb Levine
To:      KChrysos

There are as many ways to homeschool, and unschool as there are people.  It
seems to me to be  natural to do it in conjunction with cohousing and both
are a passion of mine.
I'm a parent and a staffperson at a private school in Santa Clara, in
Northern California.  This is a school modeled after Sudbury Valley School in
Massachusetts -- students of all ages mix freely and are in charge of their
own time and activities.  The school is run strictly on democratic principles
of equality and respect, regardless of age (5 and 50 year olds have the same
I'd be delighted to discuss any links between co-housing and radical or
naturalized  schooling.  They are both NEW PARADIGM ways of thinking about
people and relationships.
I also have another motivation in unlurking from this list.  Practically
across the street from this wonderful school (Santa Clara Valley School - in
our 2nd year), is a long-time co-housing community - Twin Pines Cooperative,
and I've never even met anyone from there!!!  So, I'm hoping that somehow,
this cyberspace message gets sent to the right channels and I can make a
real-life connection.
--Debby Levine
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