How many coho's built?
From: Marti Major (
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 22:54:20 -0500
Hello from Wasatch Cohousing:

Who knows how many cohousing communities are up and running in the USA
as we write?

I haven't written in eons cuz we are so busy trying to get to ground
breaking (May 17,1997!).  We'll be submitting our plans to Salt Lake
City for our building permit this week!  Boy we have been going through
a lot of stuff (decisions!).  We still have 2 or three of our units up
for grabs, so we need to continue recruitment efforts.  PBS tv and NPR
radio are helping us out.  And this is why I write to you all.  I have a
radio interview on a local NPR station during a community affairs
program, and I want to tell this great state of Utah how many successful
national groups already exist, how many are in construction, how many in
start up phase.  I know this has been published here before, but I was
not able to sus it out of the cohousing-L archives.  If anyone can
answer ASAP I would appreciate it very much.  
Thanks.  Marti Major in Salt Lake City, Utah
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