RE: Cohousing / Homeschooling
From: Tom Nelson Scott (
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 20:12:48 -0500
On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Ann Barbarow wrote:

> This is all very warm and fuzzy, but doesn't bear up under much scrutiny. At
> Muir Commons, the one family that homeschools also has the TV on a lot. In
> fact, the parents of at least one child who goes to the "state school" (that
> term sounds much more sinister that the correct term of "city school")
> discourage him from going to the homeschooler's house because the TV is on
> so much. When the homeschooled family daughter was 3-1/2 she was in a snotty
> mood and when I asked her where she got her crabby mood she piped up with
> "Toys-R-Us". Sounds pretty consumeristic to me.

My experience too. I don't want to take a chance with my children's
education. I'll opt for a good Catholic or public education. However,
I still think the homeschoolers may do a good job. To each her own.

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