Re: Help!
From: Mbembe (
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 13:59:53 -0500
In a message dated 4/8/97 2:10:16 PM, shaman [at] (Lady B) wrote:

<<Sorry for the intrusion...but I have been trying to unsub from this list
without any success. I've tried various configurations of majordomo,
listserv, unsub, desubscribe, etc. and still get the postings. >>

I tried to unsubscribe once, to no avail. As it turns out, I now enjoy
reading it, once again, and may be in a better place to participate. At such
a time as I might wish to free up my in-box, however, it sure would be nice
to know the sure-fire way to stop the flood of email. In fact, I wonder how
much of the lurking referred to in recent days might be attributible to
inability to get off the list.
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