Re: Getting results
From: Rhys Howitt (
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 04:35:50 -0500
At 09:17 AM 7/04/97 -0500, Rob Sandelin wrote:
>Rhys Howitt wrote:  I would like to ask Rob Sandelin to comment on lateral 
>methods of getting results.
>Note sure exactly what you are asking for so I'll take a guess about getting 
>results, or how to be effective but not workaholic.
Thank you for your interesting response.  I too find little opportunity for
television unless I walk through while the X-files is on (...alas).

What I was actually getting at is how to leverage your own time by involving
others.  That is, instead of tackling a problem head on, how one can use
lateral solutions to bring in other energies.  The zen ideal of doing less
to achieve more.

Any additional comments?



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