From: Mac Thomson (
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 08:37:05 -0500
This recent discussion on homeschooling and TV brings into focus for me 
the fact that cohousing and television are antithetical.  I remember at 
the beginning of one of the cohousing conferences Zev (or maybe it was 
Bill then ;->) asked how many in the audience watched virtually no 
television and the response rate was very high - maybe approaching 50%.

Characteristics of TV
  ?  Emphasis on materialism, power, violence, and selfishness.
  ?  Passive watching.
  ?  Disengagement.

Characteristics of Cohousing
  ?  Emphasis on relationship, cooperation, peaceful reconciliation, and 
  ?  Active doing.
  ?  Engagement.

I¹d like to hear what others would add to these lists.

I realize that this discussion is a bit off the main cohousing path, but 
I¹ve lived without a TV for a long time now and I just can¹t understand 
how friends and family of mine can agree that ³Yes TV is dumb and maybe 
even evil.² and then spend hours in front of it every week.  Blows me 
away.  So this topic is kind of *hot* for me.

I think that TV is one of the greatest destructive forces in our culture 
because of the power it exerts over shaping values that in turn lead to 
destructive behavior (see characteristics of TV above).
           Mac Thomson                   San Juan Cohousing
           ganesh [at]                Durango, Colorado

 "Courage is grace under pressure."
                           - Ernest Hemingway

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