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Developing cohousing - collaborative housing communities

Gee, I thought maybe the homeschoolers had something there with having
television at their disposal.  I know there is a  feeling attached with  "I
never watch televison" I get the same kick being able to say "i never
pierced my ears", but I find Sesame Street invaluable.  I find NOVA
extremely informational and educational, I love Austin City Limits which
allows me to see live bands perform at no expense and with a far better
view than I would ever get at a live concert (and with less ear discomfort
and clostraphobia).

I don't think bashing television is productive.  There are a number of
shows out there that if parents would use them, can stimulate discussions
with their children about drugs, teen sex, safe sex, gay pride, teen
relationships, etc.

Televison is how we use it, and if we, as a society would get pro-active
with television instead of ostrich-like, or worse yet, scared rabbit like,
we could change that which is on television and start using it for what it
could be.

I'm not saying watch it all the time, filter as we do our movies.  But
we've just for too long felt we had no say about television and are
throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

We should have been more active in the 50s (or our parents should have
been) to demand the kinds of programs which are actually very useful,
educational and worth watching in groups, stimulating thought, discussion
and creativity.

It's not the medium, and I think it can be very good.  It's how we as
individuals choose to use or not use it.  Instead of plopping a child down
in front of it to watch Sesame Street, many parents have sat with their
child and discussed what big Bird was saying, counting with the child.  and
these children have entered schools far advanced and ready to learn.

Perhaps the homeschoolers are using television in intelligent and creative
ways others haven't thought could be done.

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