From: Diana Steele (
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 13:54:50 -0500
Rant on!  I'm really enjoying this thread.

My television is in the basement, dragged out and plugged in only when we
have cohousing orientation sessions and want to show the great RMCA video.

All of the "favorite programs" anyone has mentioned are public television
productions.  My dream world:  PBS will start its own super-cable company.
Subscribe and you get one channel only, PBS.  Think of the money PBS would
make to support its programs!  And you wouldn't have to watch all the other
mindless drivel (and most heinous of all, the advertising that goes with

As long as there is commercial television on my cable, my television will
stay where it belongs, under wraps.

[Anybody who thinks that consumer demand affects television programming is
right, but the consumers are not the audience.  The consumers are the
advertisers who are paying for the program.  Those who watch the
programming have no control over something that they are not paying for.
If Sue Conklin owned McDonald's, she might conceivably have some influence.
The rest of us should just turn off our televisions. --Peter Thomas, my
fiance, thomas [at]]


Diana Steele
Woodlawn Cohousing Community
Chicago, IL
d-steele [at]

Urban cohousing on the South Side--sponsored by Woodlawn Development
Associates, "Rebuilding community from the inside out."

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