Lets try this again: Chat meet
From: Rob Stewart (rstewartisland.net)
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 1997 14:26:41 -0500
There seems to be interest in getting the real time chat meeting going so
lets try again Monday, April 14, 1997 at 9:00 EDT. The best server to choose is:
        This will show up on your client setup screen as:
                Anothernet: US, VT, Burlington

Once you are connected to the server you will be asked to identify in 120
seconds or they will bump you off. If you have registered your nickname then
type: [/msg nickserv IDENTIFY "yourpassword"] and your status screen will
show you as identified. If you haven't registered don't worry, just type a
new nickname: [/nick "new nickname"] and all will be well. Please note leave
out the [] brackets and "" quotation marks. Choose a nick that will help
others know something about location or project, Rob_VI, that's me Rob from
Vancouver Island. Then to join the channel type "/join #Cohousing".
The software for this IRC (Internet Relay Chat) called a client, is
available for download at a site called http://www.ctfire.com, go to mIRC
Programs and choose between the 16 bit (if you run windows 3.1) or the 32
bit (Win95 users)

The site for Mac users: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ircle/. That is the official
ircle homepage.

A web site that has a wealth of information on IRC is
http://www.chatciruit.com and once there "New to IRC" is very good.

Please feel free to mail me with questions, I am not an expirienced IRC user
but I will find the answers.

The reason for the change of servers to Anothernet is the foul language on
others, sorry for the inconvenience.

I look forward to talking with you.

At 9:00 pm. EDT April 14 once connected type "/join #Cohousing" and you'll
be there.

Rob Stewart
rstewart [at] island.net
Rob Stewart
rstewart [at] island.net

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