Re: Blaming TV
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 22:33:15 -0500
Oakland, California right across the bay from San Francisco. Historically and
presently home of the Oakland Raiders, Oakland A's, Hell's Angels, Black
Panthers, Ebonics, Oakland Firestorm, Cypress Freeway collapse, Oakland
Airport, Port of Oakland, Yoshi's Jazz Club. Quite a history with more to
come with Oakland CoHousing .

Oakland is a wonderful city. It has its urban problems like any large city,
but it is still a wonderful city. It does not have the cold nor fog that San
Francisco has. It has wonderful parks for hiking and camping and mountain
biking that are only 20 minutes away. It has diverse neighborhoods with many
unique shops and ethnic cuisines of which Old Oakland will be one. There is a
huge Asian Chinatown with Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Laotian, and Japanese
products. From Swan's, you are minutes away from San Francisco, Berkeley,
Walnut Creek. It has public transportation in terms of busses. subway, and
Amtrak and a huge bicycle commuting component that is advocating a bike lane
on the new Bay Bridge. There are numerous bicycle clubs in the area, and
critical mass rides once a month. Oakland has in place a long-range plan of
its future called "Oakland Sharing the Vision" of which downtown
redevelopment (and Swan's) is a part of.

Historic Swan's Market is in the heart of downtown Oakland with restaurants,
a movie theatre, jazz club, fresh grocery market. It has 21 condominiums with
13 committed households so far. Five more households are undergoing the
membership process. We could use more.

Marilyn Chin
Old Oakland CoHousing in Oakland, CA

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