Re: Cohousing and the information age...
From: Willie Schreurs (
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 00:38:22 -0500
> From: Erich Boleyn <erich [at]>
> Subject: Cohousing and the information age...
> In the Trillium Hollow Cohousing Group some of us are seriously
> looking into networking up all our units (the building with all
> our units will soon start construction).
> We're curious if others have done/are doing similar things, and
> both how they've gone about it and how the communities as a
> whole responded to it.
        We've done something similar at Greyrock Commons.  We placed conduit in
the ground early in construction, when the other utilities were going in so
that we could share trenches.  All units are now hooked up, we have an ISDN
line going out, and have access to a POP server for mail (I'll be using it
to send this message). The server hasn't been set up in the common house
yet, so any networking so far is peer-to-peer between anyone who wants to
plug in.  Use is picking up slowly; about 10 email accounts so far.  We
still have to do some more programming (of the community, not the code,
kind ;-)) to finalize exactly what will go into the office attached to the
server (quality of printer, fax server or not, what software to get shared
licenses for, etc.).  The community response at the initial suggestion to
do conduit was basically "why not" since it was inexpensive and left open
many possibilities.  A survey done later produced middle-of-the road types
of desires (ISDN rather than T1, for example).  That's about it for now;
the whole thing is still evolving.

        One question:  Do I have the distinction of being the first to post to 
list from my very own cohousing email address?

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