Re: Domes for common houses -- or individuals
From: Vinay Gupta (
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 21:07:07 -0500
>Any dome fans out there?  Any cohousing sites using them or considering 
>them?  If not, why not?  Please, let's not get cohousing-L into another 
>flame war about the merits of various building technologies -- if you 
>want to proselytize, just refer us to your web site and be done with it, 

Hm.  Well, I'm about to be guilty of both proselytizing and 
perhaps unsolisited commercial email, so here goes :-)

Domes are very, very cool.

Top three reasons for going with domes?

1> Around 50% of the price of an equivalent non-dome building.
2> About 1/3 cheaper to heat and cool.
3> More earthquake resistent than any other structure in common use.

The commercial bit:

Worldview Livingspace, our little fledgeling company, is in the
business of manufacturing and selling the best dome kits money
can buy.  Our kits are economical to purchase, straightforward
to build and finish out, and quite leakproof.  We wouldn't keep
stressing the leakproof part, but *everybody* seems to think
domes leak.

We manufacture in a range of sizes, using low VOC emission
materials throughout, and recycled materials where possible.

Commerical ends:

I, personally, think that domes have the potential to be a big
part of the new housing approaches because they're as durable
and maintainable as any ordinary house, but they can be built
very cheaply and with little labour: three men can put up a
dome shell in two weeks, with only hand tools and scaffolding.

But historically they've had a rather bad press due to a lot
of improvised building in the 60s and 70s, and Buckminster
Fuller's whole "aerospace" aesthetics.  And people often find
the shape doesn't jive with their ideas about how houses
ought to look.  But they do work very well, and they have lots
of technical advantages.  And they look very beautiful on the
inside, and a little.... well, still a little strange on the
outside, but one grows to see square houses are weird and
angular and pointy pretty soon.

Anyway, I feel I've taken up more than enough bandwidth here:
suffice it to say that I'd love to answer any technical questions
about domes and give general opinions and advice.  And if anybody
wants some more details about the company or what we do,
I'd be most delighted to hear from you.

At your service,


Vinay Gupta
Worldview Livingspace
Memphis, TN.

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