Re: If you are new to this list.....
From: Mbembe (
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 07:11:33 -0500
In a message dated 4/18/97 3:26:02 AM, jeblank [at] (Joani Blank)

<<Don't panic if you have just tuned to find all this super-high tech stuff
in answer to a message posted in error by Paul Chen.  Paul said "ooops,"
you guys. So if you really want to "converse" with him further about it,
please carry on---of the list. Thanks>>

As one who lurks with increasing delight on this list, I would not wish to
inhibit high-tech talk. It is of interest to me, and, I suspect, many others-
insofar as it relates to cohousing. It would seem that those who are not
interested could filter it out by ignoring messages whose subject heading
indicates technophilia. In consideration of this, it is incumbent upon the
poster to make clear in the subject heading the nature of the communication.
And that seems to be the case for the most part.

Jim Schliestett

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