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Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 06:32:33 -0500
Dear Cohousing-L,
        Apparently, this following note didn't get posted
to the list.  I'll try again.
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From:   Thomas Alexander, 70372,267
DATE:   4/18/97 7:04 PM

RE:     Copy of: Re: Domes for common houses -- or individuals

        Are you familiar with Christopher Alexander's
(no relation) books?  Domes typically violate the pattern
"Structure follows social spaces."  Basically, that pattern
says that you should decide what shape of space you need, then
find a structure to enclose it, rather than find a structure, and
changing your plans to fit that shape.  People don't typically
come up with round floor plans, unless they're forced to.
        Come to think about it, a round building violates a number
of patterns in the book.  (Such as the shape of outdoor space,
courtyards which live, light on two sides of every room, long thin
house, and on and on.)
        I can't recommend his books enough - especially "A Pattern
Language" and it's predicessor "The Timeless Way of Building."
        BTW, there's a dome storage building in the neighborhood
where I'll be moving soon, and it doesn't look very good.  It doesn't
match the other houses and ruins much more space around it (leftover
corners too small to use) than it encloses.


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